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Heavy Weight Spoon Disposable

Heavy Weight Spoon Disposable

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  • Provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard plastic flatware
  • Labeled as "compostable" on the handle to advertise your eco-friendly cutlery
  • Heavy weight design can handle hearty dishes
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Perfect for your eco-friendly cafe, deli, bistro, or take-out buffet


An ideal alternative to traditional, petroleum-based plastic utensils, this spoon is made of CPLA, a plant- and chalk-based plastic that's formed with renewable resources to minimize environmental impact upon disposal. It also meets the standards for compostability to ensure easy disposal at commercial composting facilities when your customers have finished using it. This CPLA is crystalized PLA, which is stronger and can withstand higher temperatures than standard PLA, resulting in a sturdier utensil.

1000 per case

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