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Hillyard R36C Ride-On Scrubber

Hillyard R36C Ride-On Scrubber

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R36CS Plus Auto Ride On Scrubber

Better Built. Better Equipment.
Our Trident Brand of equipment starts from the ground up - at a place where intelligent design intersects with innovative technology and exceptional engineering to deliver superior cleaning equipment. Cleaning equipment that lowers your total cost of ownership, reduces your cost to clean and improves cleaning results. It's what you expect out of your equipment investment, and it's what we deliver.  

Protection & Longevity
The outer body surrounds the internal structure and mechanical parts, protecting them from impact and eliminating potential repair costs from scrub decks being exposed outside the body.

Yellow Color-Coded Parts
Parts that should be cleaned daily are color coded in yellow. This saves time and makes sure your scrubber is kept in perfect condition at all times.

  • Ergonomically designed, adjustable padded seat delivers hours of stress-free operation.  The operator can position the seat for maximum comfort and safety. 
  • Maximum leg room and a steering wheel that's closer to the operator makes the machine even more comfortable to use.
  • The foot rest zone is designed to offer ample space for the feet within the compact dimensions of the machine.
  • The lateral paddles provide greater control over the machine for total peace of mind and a comfortable, safe driving experience.
  • The lowered foot board facilitates easy access from both sides and allows the operator to sit comfortably.
Designed to Last a Lifetime -Innovative Aluminum Chassis Components 
The R36 Series combines the strength of steel and state-of-the-art aluminum to deliver an under-carriage built for performance. The key aluminum components are corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable, light weight and provide a precision fit.

Performance - Outstanding Traction, Maneuverability and Cleaning
The Hillyard Trident R36 Series is engineered with dual rear-wheel drive while other manufacturers use single front-wheel pull systems. Rear-wheel drive comes with a host of advantages like:
  • Battery and tank weight is evenly distributed over the heavy-duty rear axle providing more drive wheel traction.
  • Easily climb ramps with an 18% slope.
  • Better traction enhances safety and reduces potential for slipping.
  • Frees up the dual front-wheel to deliver precise steering to turn and clean in any direction. 
Lateral Moving Side Brush
The third brush moves laterally to facilitate cleaning along walls or shelves, increasing productivity by up to 15%.

Start & Stop Technology
When the machine is idle, the brush motor, vacuum motor, traction and detergent pump will turn off automatically, reducing costs and environmental impact. All the functions are reactivated automatically as soon as the operator accelerates.

Adjustable Pressure To Clean
Electronically controlled pressure setting tackles even the most stubborn soils by applying up to 330 lbs. of brush pressure. 

Hydraulic Drum Brakes
Self-adjusting hydraulic drum brakes deliver the best braking performance.

Power Mode For Heavy Soil
Activate the Power Mode to increase the delivery rate of detergent solution, boost brush pressure, and increase vacuum power to tackle heavy duty cleaning. Let Power Mode run for the full length of its 60-second countdown clock, or stop it with a touch at anytime. 

  • Anti-Collision System - The anti-collision system detects obstacles when reversing, helping the operator work in complete safety and protects the machine.
  • Emergency Stop - By pressing a single button the machine stops immediately.
  • LED Lighting - Front and rear LED headlights maximize work safety in all conditions.
  • Descent Control - Maintains a constant speed and prevents a sudden increase in speed when driving downhill.
  • Steering Wheel Controls - The steering wheel controls offer the operator even greater control when cleaning. Also improves safety by eliminating distractions and letting the operator keep his or her eyes on the path ahead.
  • Rear-View Camera - Rear-view camera lets the operator monitor cleaning results in real time from the display, without taking his or her eyes off the direction of travel.
  • Stop & Go Control -  The traction control system, which brakes and holds the machine when the accelerator pedal is released, provides assistance on both uphill and downhill gradients.
  • One-Touch - Service On Site - One-touch service contact in case of emergency.  Pushing the red button will automatically send an e-mail to the authorized Hillyard service department on record so they can quickly act on the request.
  • Automatic Electro Braking - Automatically operated safety break engages when the machine stops. It acts as a safety parking brake.
  • ESC - Electronic Stability Control Automatically reduces speed when turning without the operator using the brake.


 Manufacturer:  Hillyard 
 Model:  HIL56020
 Machine Type:  R36SC Plus Auto Ride On Scrubber
 Cleaning Path:  36 in 
 Cleaning Pat with side Brush(es):  41 in
 Squeegee Width:  43.3 in
 Disc Brushes:  (2) 18
 Cylindrical Brushes:  N/A
 Side Brushes:  (1) 11
 Solution Tank:  50.2 gal
 Recovery Tank:  52.8 gal
 Supply/Traction:  36 V / Automatic
 Acoustic Level (Iso 11201):  <70 Db (A)
 Brush Motors:  (2) 36/750/1 V/W/HP
 Vacuum Motor:  36/650/0.87 V/W/HP
 Traction Motor:  36/900/1.2 V/W/HP
 Brush RPM (Central/Side):  180/140 RPM/Min.
 Brush Pressure - Variable Range:  99-215-331 lb
 Forward Speed:  0-5.6 MPH
 Minimum Aisle Turn:  96.5 in
 Gradeability - (Working, Transport Gross Wt., Transport Net Wt) :  7 /10 /18 %
 Productivity:  58,000 Sq. Ft/ Hr.
 Battery Compartment Dimensions (L x H x W):  37.8 x 15.8 x 19.9 in
 Machine Dimensions (L x H x W):  72.5 x 51.1 x 42.7 in
 Charging System:  External - HIL34786
 Machine Weight w/o Batteries:  992 lbs  
 Machine Weight w/ Batteries (6 - Trojan J305):  1,568 lbs
 PM plan available?


Better Built. Better Equipment.

​Lower Total Cost ​​To Clean

​​Our Trident Brand of equipment starts from the ground up - at a place where intelligent design intersects with innovative technology and exceptional engineering to deliver superior cleaning equipment. Cleaning equipment that lowers your total cost of ownership, reduces your cost to clean and improves cleaning results. It’s what you expect out of your equipment investment, and it’s what Trident by Hillyard delivers.

Intelligent Design

A body design that surrounds and protects the mechanical parts of your machine, shielding them against damage and extending the life of the machine. Ergonomic design that is focused on operator comfort to deliver better cleaning results.

Walk-behind scrubbers that are built on innovative aluminum chassis designed for long life. Aluminum delivers corrosion-resistance and precision fit parts. It's sturdy, durable, and light weight. 

​​Intelligent design2.png  

Daily or routine maintenance parts are color-coded in yellow. This saves time, simplifies training and makes sure your scrubber is kept in perfect condition at all times.

Exceptional Engineering1.png

​Exceptional Engineering

Lower total cost of ownership delivered from an engineering philosophy that puts long-term performance over short-term profit. A rear wheel drive system engineered to deliver outstanding traction and maneuverability by evenly distributing the weight of the machine over the heavy-duty rear axle.

Consistent cleaning results are delivered from a cleaning power philosophy that delivers the right amount of power to the scrub decks while maintaining a consistent amp draw on the motors. Lesser design philosophies create spikes in amp draw, creating too much heat in the scrub motor(s), greatly reducing life expectancy. 

Exceptional Engineering2.png


Engineered safety that rivals luxury automakers. Anti-collision back-up systems, rear cameras, lighting systems, ESC - electronic stability control, stop & go control, descent control and more. Systems engineered to help protect first and foremost the health and safety of your staff, followed by your equipment and facility.


Innovative Technology

Re-imagine the way work gets done with technology that enhances - not hinders -  the cleaning process. With the Trident intelligent drive system, your operator 

is at the center of a high-tech universe, where everything is easy and intuitive. A few of the features included:

  • ​Onboard video instruction minimizes the need for training so your operator can get right to work.​

  • ​​One-touch equipment settings fo area types or different operators.

  • ​Clean with Eco-Mode to conserve resources. One touch puts your machine into Power-Mode for tough cleaning.

Hillyard Fleet Management gives you the insight into your fleet that enhances decision-making enabling you to​ improve productivity and lower your total cost to clean.

  • ​​​Geolocation -  keep tabs on where your cleaning assets are. Quickly look at a map that shows the location of your equipment.

  • ​​Usage Data - Know who is using the equipment, how it is being used, and the productivity being realized. Get reporting on impacts so you can take corrective action that preserves your equipment and facility.

  • Health Status - Get reports on battery performance and critical systems that  simplifies troubleshooting and reduces equipment downtime.

  • ​Telemetry - view live, real-time data on your fleet. In partnership, with your Hillyard service department, use this data to troubleshoot and identify corrective actions without sight visits - lowering service costs. Remotely adjust settings to your fleet like speed, water and chemical flow, impact recording, and more. 


The Hillyard Customer First Warranty

​​It's what you have come expect from a company that has been building customer relationships for over 111 years - it's our brand, and our reputation. Our warranty is simple, transparent and part of who we are. Our ride-on and walk-behind scrubbers have a 10-3-2-1 warranty. 10 years on roto-molded tanks, 3 years on parts (non-wear), 2 years on labor, and 1 year on travel. See the warranty document published on our website with each piece of equipment for more information.



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