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Hinged Container Single Vented 9" by 6" by 3" Foam

Hinged Container Single Vented 9" by 6" by 3" Foam

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This white foam, single compartment container with a hinged lid is ideal for improving your business's take out service or for conveniently packing leftovers from your sit-down establishment! The clamshell container is insulated to maintain food's proper serving temperature, ensuring customer satisfaction as well as food safety, and the foam material makes it a cost-efficient option over other materials. Use it as the perfect container for smaller leftover entrees, salads, burritos, and other meals. It features a perforated hinge, which allows you to easily remove the lid for a less cluttered dining experience. Thanks to its secure closure tabs, the single compartment hinged lid take out container protects against accidental openings and spills. 

This container may be called a 9" x 6" x 3" take out container. 

Sold by the case: 200 a Case/ Two Sleeves of 100

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