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Hillyard Floor Dryer FD15

Hillyard Floor Dryer FD15

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Trident® FD15

The Hillyard Trident FD15 is a compact and powerful blower, able to dry surfaces within a very short time. It is ideal to dry carpets cleaned with extraction machines, and it can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. A three-speed motor allows you to select the velocity needed to get the job done. Turn it on and run it without the timer, or set the timer to stop it after a selected time period. For operator safety and to prevent any damage to the fan, the machine is equipped with a protective grid. Also, the useful carpet clamp helps to fasten carpet to the machine to blow underneath the carpet. The trolley handle can be extended for transfer and can be retracted for storage.

  • Intelligent Design

  • Exceptional Engineering

  • Innovative Technology

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