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Hillyard R22SC Ride-On Scrubbers

Hillyard R22SC Ride-On Scrubbers

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R22SC Ride On Floor Machine

Why walk or stand when you can ride! The Hillyard Trident R22SC is a compact ride-on automatic scrubber that makes cleaning simple and easy. It's designed to deliver high productivity and low total cost of ownership. Clean everywhere and boldly go where others can't Clean up to 32,000 sq. ft. per hour with the 22" disc scrub head. The intelligent design allows the R22SC to clean the smallest spaces while riding. Innovative technology brings the optional Hillyard Fleet Management System to the R22SC. With HFM, your cleaning organization joins the connected cleaning world where wireless technology provides location, usage, maintenance status, and telemetry data to help you maximize your asset investment, extend the life-cycle, and deliver the best results at the lowest total cost to clean.
Features and Benefits
  • Ergonomic design provides unparalleled user comfort
  • Exceptional engineering delivers outstanding traction and maneuverability. 
  • Onboard battery charging
  • Optional innovative fleet management system to join technology with cleaning for extended life

 Manufacturer:  Hillyard
 Model:  R22SC
 Machine Type:  Ride on auto scrubber
Productivity (sqft / Hr):  32,000
 Application:  Floor Scrubbing
 Cleaning Path:  22 inch
 Solution Tank Capacity:  17.2 Gallon
 Recovery Tank Capacity:
 19.8 Gallon
 Squeegee Width:  28 inch
 Estimated Run Time:  Continuous: 2.2
 Charger Type:  Onboard
 Head Type:  (1) 22 inch pad
 Main Down Pressure:  55 lbs
 Power Source:  Battery
 Weight:  72 lbs
 Floorplan:  No
 PM plan available?  Absolutely!

Better Built. Better Equipment.

​Lower Total Cost ​​To Clean

​​Our Trident Brand of equipment starts from the ground up - at a place where intelligent design intersects with innovative technology and exceptional engineering to deliver superior cleaning equipment. Cleaning equipment that lowers your total cost of ownership, reduces your cost to clean and improves cleaning results. It’s what you expect out of your equipment investment, and it’s what Trident by Hillyard delivers.

Intelligent Design

A body design that surrounds and protects the mechanical parts of your machine, shielding them against damage and extending the life of the machine. Ergonomic design that is focused on operator comfort to deliver better cleaning results.

Walk-behind scrubbers that are built on innovative aluminum chassis designed for long life. Aluminum delivers corrosion-resistance and precision fit parts. It's sturdy, durable, and light weight. 

​​Intelligent design2.png  

Daily or routine maintenance parts are color-coded in yellow. This saves time, simplifies training and makes sure your scrubber is kept in perfect condition at all times.

Exceptional Engineering1.png

​Exceptional Engineering

Lower total cost of ownership delivered from an engineering philosophy that puts long-term performance over short-term profit. A rear wheel drive system engineered to deliver outstanding traction and maneuverability by evenly distributing the weight of the machine over the heavy-duty rear axle.

Consistent cleaning results are delivered from a cleaning power philosophy that delivers the right amount of power to the scrub decks while maintaining a consistent amp draw on the motors. Lesser design philosophies create spikes in amp draw, creating too much heat in the scrub motor(s), greatly reducing life expectancy. 

Exceptional Engineering2.png


Engineered safety that rivals luxury automakers. Anti-collision back-up systems, rear cameras, lighting systems, ESC - electronic stability control, stop & go control, descent control and more. Systems engineered to help protect first and foremost the health and safety of your staff, followed by your equipment and facility.


Innovative Technology

Re-imagine the way work gets done with technology that enhances - not hinders -  the cleaning process. With the Trident intelligent drive system, your operator 

is at the center of a high-tech universe, where everything is easy and intuitive. A few of the features included:

  • ​Onboard video instruction minimizes the need for training so your operator can get right to work.​

  • ​​One-touch equipment settings fo area types or different operators.

  • ​Clean with Eco-Mode to conserve resources. One touch puts your machine into Power-Mode for tough cleaning.

Hillyard Fleet Management gives you the insight into your fleet that enhances decision-making enabling you to​ improve productivity and lower your total cost to clean.

  • ​​​Geolocation -  keep tabs on where your cleaning assets are. Quickly look at a map that shows the location of your equipment.

  • ​​Usage Data - Know who is using the equipment, how it is being used, and the productivity being realized. Get reporting on impacts so you can take corrective action that preserves your equipment and facility.

  • Health Status - Get reports on battery performance and critical systems that  simplifies troubleshooting and reduces equipment downtime.

  • ​Telemetry - view live, real-time data on your fleet. In partnership, with your Hillyard service department, use this data to troubleshoot and identify corrective actions without sight visits - lowering service costs. Remotely adjust settings to your fleet like speed, water and chemical flow, impact recording, and more. 


The Hillyard Customer First Warranty

​​It's what you have come expect from a company that has been building customer relationships for over 111 years - it's our brand, and our reputation. Our warranty is simple, transparent and part of who we are. Our ride-on and walk-behind scrubbers have a 10-3-2-1 warranty. 10 years on roto-molded tanks, 3 years on parts (non-wear), 2 years on labor, and 1 year on travel. See the warranty document published on our website with each piece of equipment for more information.



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