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Powr-Flite Extractor Photon 3.5 Gallon Spotter

Powr-Flite Extractor Photon 3.5 Gallon Spotter

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Photon 3.5 Gallon Portable Spotter with Stretch Hose

Equipped with a clear-view hand tool and a 2-stage vac motor, this compact Spotter demonstrates cleaning power that far exceeds its size. The best part? A telescopic handle and large wheels make it easy to bring this machine wherever you need it most. Spot-cleaning carpets and rugs, upholstery cleaning, even car wash support- this Spotter does it all.


  • This lightweight, 3.5 gallon spotter effortlessly moves from one location to another and is perfect for locations where bigger extractors just aren’t practical.


  • Commercial-grade power to tackle touch-ups and to remove spots before they become a stain.


  • Includes a 4” clear-sight upholstery tool, 2.5-10 ft. expandable hose and constructed with heavy-duty poly housing for years of hassle-free cleaning.


MOBILITY This lightweight unit can be moved effortlessly from one location to another with the telescoping handle and by tilting back on the 5 in. transport wheels.

EASY TO EMPTY Emptying the recovery tank is a breeze with the ergonomic drainage handle and wide drain spout.

TOUGH TO SPILL The removable recovery tank is built to stand on its own and minimize spills while transporting and emptying.

STRETCH HOSE The stretch hose can expand up to 10 ft. for operation and recoils back down to 2 ½ ft. for easy storage.

STORAGE The solution and recovery hose, power cord and hand tool all fit neatly on the machine with the built in storage.

HAND TOOL The included 4 in. clear-sight hand tool is perfect for upholstery and spot cleaning

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