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Unger Floor Squeegee Waterwand 18"

Unger Floor Squeegee Waterwand 18"

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Unger Water Wand Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee, 30" Wide (UNG HM750)

Unger Floor Squeegee Waterwand 18" MW450 

  • Product SKU: UNG MW450
  • Constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel and features a splash guard
  • Black natural foam rubber blade


Floor Squeegee

Constructed of rugged, durable galvanized steel and natural foam rubber, this squeegee is specially designed to dig deep into nooks and crannies in your floors to remove liquids, leaving the floor completely dry. This water wand features 18” wide twin rubber blades, a sturdy, 18 gauge steel frame and a heavy duty, rust-resistant socket that accepts any tapered handle (sold separately). Unger’s squeegee is ideal for use on grouted tiles and grid floors, as it will effectively remove standard volumes of water or other liquids from uneven surfaces. You can also purchase an optional plastic insert (sold separately) that will convert this water wand from a tapered socket to a threaded socket for added convenience. Clean and dry your floors thoroughly with Unger’s Heavy-Duty Water Wand.

Unger 18" Heavy Duty Water Wand Squeegee

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