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Wave 3D Anti-Spash Urinal Screens

Wave 3D Anti-Spash Urinal Screens

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Wave 3D Anti-Splash Urinal Screens

7" by 6.5"

Available in Cucumber Melon, Mango, and Lavender

  • Sold in boxes of 10
  • Unique hexagon post and lattice technology eliminates 99% of urine splash
  • 2-Sided design ensures correct installation every time
  • Freshens the Urinal and the restroom for 30 days

Keep the men's bathroom smelling fresh with these cucumber melon urinal screens. Cutout holes in the vinyl screens let liquid flow through while preventing debris from getting past. Each screen combats odors for approximately 30 days to reduce the frequency of screen changes. This pack of 10 Fresh Product deodorizer screens provides enough for multiple urinals to minimize odors throughout an entire restroom.

  • Fits all traditional and modern urinals, stopping odors at the source
  • Installs correctly every time
  • Reduces splash and cleaning time
  • Reminds you when to change it
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